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Hashim among 400 Shia child in jail in Bahrain

SHAFAQNA ( Exclusive )  – “He was not aware of the situation, which is he fully in. I tell you .. He is child.” description of child’s mother, Mr. Hashim Deyah Alawai (16 years) when she came out from the dry dock  jail to meet her son in prison. She says, “He talked a lot about how he spent the first days in prayer and duaa . He had hoped to come out in a matter of weeks , surprising that  they put him in the light of the stories he heard inside the prison for previous cases of children same his condition.” She adds, “He had a hope as well as we were.”

On the second visit  “He was crying scare from the charges that were read on his ears in the prosecutor’s office. He used to say .. I want to return to my school.”

According to the Bahrain Center for Human Rights about 400 of about 3 thousand and two hundred political prisoners languishing in Bahraini prisons today are children.
The top student in the third year of high school. Had hoped to end his year last academic superiority to go to India to pursue university studies; where he lives there for four decades, his uncle to his father. But all these plans have now changed. His mother says, “advised supervisors at his school to end his withdrawal from the classroom procedures. And so we did.”

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