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Hassan al-Maliki from his jail : Wahhabism arrested me not government

SHAFAQNA (Exclusive) – Hassan Farhan al-Maliki a Sunni Saudi researcher said in a message through his son Abbas yesterday on “Twitter”, he was detained in Malaz prison in very poor conditions, He has been kept with the detainees of criminal and moral crimes, in addition to 11 detainees suffer from mental illness and they are beating up by prison guards, “he said, adding that ” it was better rather than transferred them to medical centers for treatment. “Maliki confirmed that, he was arrested by “Wahhabism, and extremists in the government agencies not the Saudi government “.

Maliki was suddenly arrested about 12 days ago, and they did not allow him to communicate with his family after only ten days of his arrest. Maliki has long history of conflict with those he describes them as “radical and influential state,” They dismissed him from education about 10 years ago “because of deviant ideas,” according to the authorities claimed.

Maliki continues to criticize the history of Wahhabism, stressing that all the Sunni currently involved in acts of violence in the Muslim world is an extension of this thought. Despite the criticism of al-Maliki to some Shia Islamic heritage, but this did not prevent his opponents from being accused him of “Shia”, which he denies, stressing in many meetings with him, “I am a Muslim, follow the Koran, nor believe sectarian.

Maliki was open the door for sheikhs of the Sunni community to criticize “Wahhabi” and “expiation for all Islamic sects, including Sunni “, as Sharif Hatem Aoun said in an interview with Rotana channel.Criticism went to the academic field, in the beginning of this year , Khalid al-Dakhil, an academic well known in Saudi Arabia, disclose a translation of his PhD on the history of “Wahhabism Ben Shirk .. cracked Tribe “, and presented by the University of California in about twenty years ago, and barred him from the Saudi government to translate all these years.

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