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Hazrat Ismail (AS) and Imam Hussain (AS)

SHAFAQNA – It is narrated that sheep belonging to Hazrat Ismail (AS) were grazing near River Forat, one day their shepherd came to Ismail (AS) and said: For few days the sheep do not drink from this river. Ismail (AS) asked God about this case and Jabrail (AS) descended and said: O’ Ismail, ask the sheep why they do not drink from the river. Ismail (AS) asked the sheep: Why you do not drink from this river? Sheep replied in clear words: We have been informed that your child, Hussain (AS) who is the dear grandchild of the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) will be martyred in this land whilst he is thirsty. Therefore, due to our grief for Hussain (AS) we do not drink from this water [1].

[1] Beharul Anwaar, Vol. 44, page 243.

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