Hazrat Zahra’s Dua’a for Friday

SHAFAQNA (Shia International News Association)-

O Allah! Render us among the nearest of those who seek nearness to You

And the most illustrious of those who turn to You

And the most successful of those who ask from You and beseech You

O Allah render us among those who it as if they see you

Until the Day of Judgment when they will meet You

And do not let us die except with your pleasure

O Allah renders us among those who demonstrate their sincerity towards You

In their actions and those who love you (the most) among Your creation

O Allah bless Muhammad and his family

And forgive us with a resolute forgiving

After which we do not return to committing any sins, mistakes or errors.

O Allah bless Muhammad and his family

With a blessing that is increasing, eternal, pure, consecutive and continuous

By Your mercy O the most merciful of those who display mercy.






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