Here’s one more iPhone 6 problem you should be aware of

SHAFAQNA –The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are selling like hot cakes in stores, but that doesn’t mean Apple’s hot new iPhones are flawless. In fact, many different issues have affected iPhone 6 buyers, including bending problems, memory issues, screen scratch issues, rear-facing camera problems, with a front-facing camera issue being the last one to have been discovered.

According to Business Insider, which is mentioning threads on the matter on Reddit, MacRumors and iFixit, some iPhone 6 owners have noticed that the front-facing camera of their device is prone to slight movement, causing it to be misaligned. The good news, though, is that this flaw doesn’t seem to be affecting its performance.

The camera shifts slightly to the left, showing a grey crescent shape on the right side of it. Apple does not know what it causing the problem, but the company does replace affected iPhones on the spot, a Reddit user said.

“Apple Store employee here, we don’t know why they shift and if you choose we can replace the display which will replace the front facing camera or just swap the device all together,” Reddit user spykeman1528 wrote. “I usually just offer the full unit swap since customers feel the entire device is defective at that point. I only recommend display repairs if a customers data is not backed up and that poses less of a risk for data loss than obvious full data loss of a whole unit swap if the customer is not backs up.”

It’s not clear how widespread this “Crescentgate” issue is at this point. A few images showing the issue follow below, with more available at the source links.

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