Heroism on the battlefield – Houthis militants help families escape

SHAFAQNA – While battles are raging in the southern city of Taiz and Aden in Yemen, Houthi fighters have extended a helping hands to several families in the south, keen to  underline that their fight is not with the people of Yemen but those foreign powers which have come to meddle in the country.

With Saudi Arabia’s war coalition bombing indiscriminately, tens of thousands of civilians have found themselves caught in the crossfire of a war they do not understand. Hundreds of women and children have perished since March 25, the innocent victims of violence.

Last Thursday as a missile hit a residential area in Aden, Houthi fighters positioned nearby dispatched several of their men to see if they could lend a hand to families. From the rubles of a house they managed to save four adults and six children, among which a two-weeks old little girl called Iman.

The two families who asked no to be identified for security reasons have been sent under military escort to the capital, Sana’a where Houthi leadership has promised all will be relocated. Um Iman told Shafaqna on the phone that she felt very grateful to the Houthis. “Even though we are Sunnis the Houthis came to help. We were told the Houthis want to wage war on all Sunnis but its not true, they only want Yemen to be independent. Hadi [resigned President Abdo Rabbo Mansour Hadi] is the real criminal … What is he doing while were are dying under the bombs? Did he come to help us? No the Houthis did and for this we will always be grateful.”

Such stories of bravery and selflessness are seldom told in the media and yet they are many. If Saudi Arabia has deemed Yemen’s blood to be cheap, the Houthis have vowed to protect however many civilians they can.

Hassan Abdel Salam, Houthi commander in Hadramawt told Shafaqna how over the past two weeks the Houthis have protected villages from Al Qaida, preventing defenseless farmers to see their lands and properties looted by terror militants.


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