Hidden sin

SHAFAQNA – Abu Hashim Ja’afary narrated: I heard from Imam Hassan Askari (AS) who said: One of the sins which will not be forgiven is that a human says: I wish I could not be questioned and punished except for this one sin. I was reflecting on this and was telling myself that every human being must take care in every case and do self-assessment. At this time Imam Askari (AS) added: O’ Abu Hashim, you thought right, be careful about any event and deed because committing “Shirk” (ascribing or considering partners with God; which is the greatest sin in Islam) by people is more hidden and more invisible than the ant walking on a  shiny smooth stone at dark night or the movement of the ant on a black cloth [1].

[1] Beharul Anwaar, Vol. 50, page 250.

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