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Hindu extremist mahapanchayat organised in Delhi’s against Muharram procession

Shafaqna (Shia International News Association)

Rabid communalism is on display in North-West Delhi’s Bawana area after a Muzaffarnagar style mahapanchayat took place on Sunday afternoon, where residents in large number had gathered from surrounding villages.

Eye witnesses’ account of the mahapanchayat was rabidly communal assertion of Hindu majoritarianism, where besides Hindutva leaders of several fringe groups; local BJP leader and MLA Gugan Singh Ranga was present on stage. They spewed venom and made highly communal remarks under huge deployment of police under ACP, who remained a mute spectator to the tamasha. Congress Counselor Devendra Kumar and former BJP Counslor Narayan Singh were also present on the stage.

What is shocking though is the way mahapanchayat was allowed to happen and was conducted despite last week’s communal tension in Trilokpuri. It should be mentioned here that the Muzaffarnagar-Shamli riot triggered after a Mahapanchayat last year.

Hindutva leaders have made their intentions clear saying that if the Taziya processions are carried out, local administration would be responsible for any untoward incident.

Interestingly Muslim groups had already agreed to confine the movement of the Taziya to streets in colonies dominated by Muslims and not take it to main roads or the market place.

The mahapanchayat was called by Bhagat Singh Kranti Sena to put up a “united Hindu front” opposing “nuisance created in the name of Muharram procession.” Posters were put up in the locality urging people to assemble in large number against open show of arms, “illegal show of strength” and “nuisance” created in the name of Muharram.

Taziya procession for long was secular in nature and very unique to India where Hindus in large number used to participate, but in a climate of rabid communalism, even this has not been spared.
Meanwhile, there is palpable tension in the locality and fear of large scale violence against Muslims.

It should be mentioned here that Bawana was tense even during Eid ul Adha after Hindu groups put posters demanding ban on the slaughter.


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