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His Sickness Made Him a Muslim-Yamamoto Qaym, Japanese New Muslim

SHAFAQNA- Yamamoto Qaym Naoki, Japanese Muslim, studied many religions but only Islam answered his questions.

Yamamoto Qaym Naoki, Japanese Muslim, student at Kyoto university, traveled to Muslim countries to understand Islam better, and there he felt peace and brotherhood.

Since a young age, he was interested in Abrahamic religions, and started studying religions at a young age, especially Christianity, from there, his interest grew into all the Abrahamic religions. when he was in High School,  him mother bought him books that speak about these religions. He read them but still wanted to know more! He only knew the name of Islam religion, but didn’t get a chance to learn about it.

Qayim went through a dangerous sickness before converting to Islam, which made him relook his life. Because of this he started think about death, the meaning of life and what is the meaning of the world?!

I started thinking to myself during my sickness, why do I have to go through this? And why am I sick and there’s no one to help me? And after my recovery I felt like I need to thank he who saved me from my suffering! And then I started to think, there must be a power moving this world! There must be a God!

After that he knew that Doshisha university offers courses in religions! Christianity, Judaism and Islam, so he attended Doshisha university and studied the 3 religions.During his study, he found that Islam has many answers to my questions when he was sick, so he decided to study Islam and get to know it better.

Qaym was advised to travel to an Arabic country, for he could live the Islamic culture! So, he decided to travel to Egypt. His trip to Egypt was a great experience in living with Muslims, and it made him read and learn more about Islam.


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