Hojjatoleslam Kazem Sediqi : Yemen invasion marks political failure, degradation for so-called `Muslim’ state

SHAFAQNA –  Interim Friday Prayers Leader of Tehran Hojjatoleslam Kazem Sediqi says invasion on Yemen marks political failure and degradation for a country which considers itself Muslim. Delivering his second Friday prayers sermon, Hojjatoleslam Sediqi said, ‘These people are not loyal to Islamism, spirituality and even their own Arab nature, not respecting the rule of avoiding war in the religiously forbidden months.’

Noting that Yemen events are among important issues of the world of Islam, Hojjatoleslam said, ‘Absolutely, the wise and powerful God changes conditions globally should be cause of awakening of the world of Islam, making us more vigilant and insightful.’

He said no one could believe that people of a poor country like Yemen would get so united and integrated after fleeing of its president, seeking independence and freedom through self-rule by sticking to the Islamic and religious ideology and by getting inspired by the completely Islamic movement of Iran through following common goals and set goals.

He said Saudi Arabia and few other countries, dominated by big powers, using huge asset of Muslim nations, i.e. oil, that is now availed to the royal regimes, and the unlimited dollars of the public, invade on the US order to the legal borders of a country and put its people under fire and lethal bombs just because the country does not wish to be under yoke of others.

The Hojjatoleslam said the big crimes and injustices earned 100 percent damage for Saudi Arabia. The Saudi regime never entered war with any atheist and aggressive regimes, rather piled up arms and used the destructive and sophisticated weapons on an order by the US against a poor country, that has not invaded anywhere, added Hojjatoleslam Sediqi.

He said the reason Saudi Arabia invaded Yemen was to sell more arms and gain more dollars. ‘These are all political failure and degradation for a country, which considers itself Muslim, and is responsible for destiny of holy religious sites, where people come for hajj annually from different parts of the universe. These people consider themselves servants to the holy sites!’

Hojjatoleslam Sediqi said capitals are sent to countries, forming a coalition with the group of people, and the countries are savage, law breakers and not sticking to any commitments, enjoying the veto right, which is the Law of Jungle. These are because they wish the group of people support them, said the Hojjatoleslam, adding that it marks global and Islamic political and cultural fiasco.


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