Horrific moments of London Tube knife attack caught on VIDEO / The attacker is being investigated as a terrorist

RT/ The man who attacked three passengers on the London Tube with a knife has been caught on camera. The video shows three police officers taking their time to aim their Tasers to neutralise the knifeman.

The “This is for Syria” attacker, who is now being investigated as a terrorist, managed to slash three people with his blade in the ticket hall at Leytonstone station of the UK capital’s underground on Saturday night. One man who got his throat cut open remains in serious condition in hospital.

The video graphically depitcs the reportedly horrific scene of pools of blood on the floor and the attacker screaming threats to stab others.

The video was made by a passerby while police officers hesitated to tackle the attacker, instead trying to talk him into putting down his weapon while trying to take a better aim with their Tasers.

After the first Taser shot missed or proved ineffective, police finally managed to bring the criminal down and handcuff him.

The person who filmed the incident, as well as the other bystanders, could have been in much greater danger if the attacker had been armed with a gun: as seen in the video, several people did not try to take cover, instead trying to get a better view of the ongoing carnage and arrest.

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