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Hospitality is one of the signs of belief

SHAFAQNA – The Prophet of Islam (PBUH) always used to eat with his guests and if there was no guest, invited Imam Ali (AS) to eat together. The Prophet (PBUH) considered friendly and generous reception of guests as a sign of belief and emphasized on looking after guests.

It is narrated from the Prophet (PBUH) who said: whoever believes in God and the Day of Judgment must take care of his/her guests [1]. It is reported that when Imam Ali (AS) did not have guests for a few days, he used to feel sad. One day when Imam Ali (AS) was sad, someone asked Imam (AS) about the reason, and he replied: Because it is now seven days since a guest came to us [2].

[1] Kafi, Vol. 6, page 285, Hadith 1.
[2] Manaqeb Aal Abi taleb, Vol. 1, page 347.

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