How diabetic Muslims can survive Ramadan

SHAFAQNA – Muslims with diabetes in the UK won’t be left alone during Ramadan, which begins on 18 June this year. The national charity Diabetes UK is taking care of them with a series of detailed recommendations to follow – after a doctor’s visit – during the fasting period, to avoid any possible complications. There are three basic instructions:

– Before fasting, which lasts 17 hours, take a lower dose of insulin and prefer slow-absorption carbohydrates such as multigrain or pita bread and chapati. Also, eat basmati rice, pulses, fruits and vegetables.

– At the end of the day’s fast, don’t over-eat. In particular, avoid fried foods high in sugar and fat. Furthermore, it’s essential to drink a lot of water and avoid sugary or caffeinated drinks.

– Start to eat again before sunrise, before the new day of fasting. Just after midnight is when there is the greatest risk of blood sugar imbalances.

The guide, complete with specific instructions for imams on how to help people with health problems, is available in English, Arabic, Urdu and Bengali.

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