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How did the Prophet of Islam (PBUH) use occasions to guide people to Islam?

SHAFAQNA – Oqbah Ibn Abi Mo’it and Abi Bin Khalaf were friends with each other, and Oqbah had a good bond with the Prophet of Islam (PBUH). Whenever Oqbah returned from a journey, he used to throw a party and invite all the noble people of his tribe. In one of these occasions, he invited people and also invited the Prophet of Islam (PBUH). The Prophet attended the gathering and when it was time to eat, the Prophet (PBUH) told Oqbah: Unless you give witness to the uniqueness of God and my prophethood, I will not eat from this food. Oqbah gave witness and the Prophet (PBUH) ate from that food. When Abi heard about this news, he came to Oqbah and blamed him and said: You have deviated from your religion and you are on the wrong path! Oqbah replied: I have not deviated from my path. Mohammad (PBUH) came to me and sat on my table, but he did not eat unless I accepted his religion. I also did not want him leave my house without eating, and I gave witness to the uniqueness of God and the prophethood of Mohammad (PBUH) [1].

[1] Majma-ul-Bayan, Vol. 7, Page 166.

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