How Imam Reza (AS) revealed the hidden aims of Ma’amoon?

SHAFAQNA – When Ma’amoon forced Imam Reza (AS) into the rank of crown prince, in a document, Imam (AS) pointed out the hidden aims of Ma’amoon. Imam Reza (AS) made it clear to all,  that despite being forced to such a situation but, the leadership of Muslims had not been given to him because ma’amoon’s government did not follow the known traditions of the Prophet (PBUH); peoples’ assets were robbed from them; and divine rules were not observed. Imam Reza (AS) made it clear that he would only accept the leadership of Muslims when none of the above- mentioned events happened [1].

[1] Seereh Elmi wa Amaliyeh Imam Reza (AS) by Abbas Ali Zareie, Printed by Beh Nashr, 2011, Third Edition, Page 133.

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