How many types of hearts exist?

SHAFAQNA – It is narrated from the Prophet of Islam who said: When the heart is clean and pure, all the body is clean and pure; and when the heart is impure, all the body will get contaminated. According to Imam Baqir (AS), there are three types of hearts.

  1. The ill-fated heart of disbeliever; which no good can be found in it.
  2. The inconsistent heart where both good and bad move in and out of it, and whichever is stronger, will dominate.
  3. The generous heart of the believer; where there is a light in it from Divine Lights which illuminates continuously, and even on the Day of Judgment that light will not go out [1].

[1] Montahal Amaal, Vol. 2, Page 520-521.

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