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How precious is wisdom?

SHAFAQNA – Some friends of the late Shia scholar Mirza Shirazi said that they wrote a letter to ask him to approve a clergyman in another town. We kept writing to him emphasizing that the clergyman is very knowledgeable and pious and please approve him. But Mirza did not answer until a person who tried hard to get the approval for that clergyman went to Samarra and asked Mirza: Why you have not approved such a person? Mirza replied: You always wrote in your letters that how such that person is knowledgeable and how pious he is, but in none of your letters you mentioned about his wisdom. I cannot approve a person just for the sake of his knowledge and piety. It is not clear to me the level of his wisdom and prudence, and understanding of the conditions of the time and recognition of the people. Of course, a knowledgeable and pious person is a good person, but I cannot delegate the Islamic affairs of people to someone whose wisdom is not confirmed to me [1].

[1] Ashenayee ba Quran, Martyr Mortaza Motahhari, Vol. 8, Page 148.

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