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How the divine mercy and favours continue or stop?

SHAFAQNA – When human beings give thanks to God for the blessings granted to them, divine favours will remain for them and in some cases they will be increased. But by doing the opposite, those blessings can be taken away from them or change into something completely the opposite. These cases have been explained clearly in the holy verses of the Quran. For example, Ayah 7 of Surah Al-Ibrahim says: “And again remember when God announced that if you give thanks, the Almighty will add to your blessings and if you are thankless, you will receive severe torment.”

And Ayah 112 of Surah Al-Nahl says: “And God brought you the example of a town which had been safe, tranquil; its livelihood brought to it comfortably from every quarter. Yet the people of that town disbelieved in God’s blessings and the Almighty let them experience hunger and fear.” Ayahs 15 and 16 of Surah Al-Saba’ also deal with the same subject as well as other examples in the holy book of Allah (SWT).

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