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How to achieve the spiritual elevation?

SHAFAQNA – It is narrated that Seyyed Mir Damaad paid great attention to ways of attaining spiritual elevation. He was truly a pious scholar and deeply interested in the holy Quran. He used to recite the Quran a lot and it is reported that he used to recite half of the Quran every night. It is reported that for 20 years Mir Damaad did not do any permissible act more than it was necessary. He used to sleep as much as needed just to the point necessary for him to be able to carry on with his work. He never rested unless he was not able to continue working any more. He used to eat to a level to enable him to continue with his research and other commitments. This was his way throughout his life time in whatever he did and he never used to do any useless deed in his life [1].

[1] Taken from the book of “Mardane Elm dar Donyaye Amal”, Source: Howzah News.

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