How to avoid disobeying God?

SHAFAQNA – A young person requested moral/ethical recommendations from the great Shia scholar, Allamah Tabatabaei (RA), and Allamah wrote: For being successful (in this regard), it is necessary to try and repent, as well as be in control of (own) actions and assess them. Make a serious decision that every morning you wake up, any action which you carry out will be for the satisfaction of God, and beneficial for hereafter. And if you see that an action is not beneficial for hereafter, you will not carry it out, whatever it is. And at the time of sleeping spend four to five minutes to review and evaluate your daily actions, and see which one was for the satisfaction of God, and if you find out about any bad deed, then repent. Continue this everyday as this is the key to salvation, even if it may be difficult at the beginning [1].

[1] Barnameye Soluk dar Namehaye Salekan, Ali Shirvani, Page 134.

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