How to avoid dying in a state of ignorance?

SHAFAQNA – It is narrated from the Prophet of Islam (PBUH) who said: Anyone who dies without knowing the Imam of the time, his/her death is in a state of ignorance [1]. It is clear from this narration that the referred life here, is the life of ignorance, otherwise at the time of death, things like wisdom or ignorance, justice and injustice, Halal or Haram are not talked about.

If a human being spends the entire life time on deviated path, the result of that life time will be poured in a cup and then it will be said: Taste it; on the Day of Judgment this will be done and it will also be said as mentioned in Ayah 49 of Surah Al-Dokhan: “Taste this, you who thought you are mighty and full of honour.” We have to taste this cup that we have filled; is it bitter or sweet?

If a person does not know the Imam of the time then, it is bitter, it is ignorance. When a death is in a state of ignorance, it is also an indication that the life time is also a life of ignorance. The Imam of the time is the absolute justice, the absolute wisdom, he brings social justice and this is called life of wisdom, a just life. That is why it has been said: Have connection with your Imam of the time, know your Imam and know his instructions [2].

[1] Wasa’elul Shia, Vol. 16, page 246.
[2] Translated from parts of speech by the Grand Ayatollah javadi Amoli on 14/02/2005 in Amol, Iran.

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