How to avoid hypocrisy?

SHAFAQNA – A man asked Imam Ali (AS) for advice and Imam (AS) replied: Do not be of those who without having any good deed is hopeful to hereafter and delay repenting by having improbable desires; talks in the world like a devout one but acts like worshippers of the world. If blessings reach him, will not be fulfilled and in deprivation has no contentment, does not give thanks for blessings and instead wants more. Warns others but has no fear himself; recommend obedience but does not abide himself; likes people who do good but does not behave like them; does not like sinners but he is sinner himself; does not like death with lots of sins but insists on whatever makes the death unpleasant [1].

[1] Nahjul Balaghah, Wisdom Number 150

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