How to become the companion of the prophets?

SHAFAQNA – One day the Prophet Dawood (AS) in his prayers asked God to introduce his companion in paradise to him. Dawood (AS) was told: Go out of the gates of the town tomorrow, and the first person  you meet, will be your companion in paradise. The next day, Dawood (AS) with his son went out of the town, and saw an old man returning from the mountains with firewood on his back for sale.
The old man stood near the gates of the town and shouted: Who wants to buy firewood? One person came forward and bought his firewood. Dawood (AS) went forward greeting the old man and asked: Is it possible that we become your guests today? The old man replied: Guests are friends of God, you are welcome. With the money from the sale of firewood, the old man bought some wheat, and when they reached his home, the old man made flour and baked three breads and put them in front of his guests.
When they started eating, with each bite, the old man first said “in the name of God” and at the end of eating it, said: “Thanks God”. When they finished eating, the old man raised his hands towards the sky and said: O’ God, I sold woodfire which You planted the trees for them, You dried them, You gave me the power to collect them, You sent me the customer for woodfire, and the wheat which we ate, You planted the seeds, You gave me the means of making flour and baking bread, what did I do for all these blessings You gave me? The old man was saying these words whilst crying. Dawood (AS) looked at his son and said: This is why he is the companion of the prophets [1].

[1] Daastane Monajate Hazrate Dawood ba Khoda, Mir Khalafzadeh, Vol. 2.

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