How to combat the illness of hypocrisy?

SHAFAQNA – Hypocrisy is a very ugly and shameful characteristic which the noble human being is never endowed with it, because it causes disgrace in this world and torment in the hereafter. The cure for this inappropriate characteristic is in two stages: In the first stage, thinking about the result of this wicked act, and the second stage which is practical, the human being for a while carefully observes his/her own behaviour and movements. (And then) act opposite the desires of the soul, and correct his/her own actions and sayings in open and in private,  and avoid pretending, and in all this time ask God for help (to be able to) defeat inappropriate desires of soul, and (Gog) be with him/her during the process of being cured. If he/she continues in this condition for a while, it is hoped that the soul will attain purity, and the hypocrisy is removed from him/her, and the mirror of the heart is cleaned from this wickedness (hypocrisy) and will be granted mercy from God [1].

[1] Sharhe Chehel Hadith, Imam Khomeini, Page 157.

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