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How to cope with Ramadan fasting in the 30C heatwave

SHAFAQNA – What’s it like to go without food and water for almost 19 hours a day in this current hot spell?

With Britain basking in a heatwave, most of us are reaching for iced drinks and making sure we have plenty of water or other fluids.

But what if you can’t have any food or drink because you are a member of the Muslim community involved in fasting for Ramadan ?

Shaz Manir, CEO of Amirah Foundation, a Birmingham charity which supports homeless and vulnerable women, told the Birmingham Mail : “It’s British summertime and the sun doesn’t come down. So you can do a day of work, go home and you still have seven hours left till you can eat something.

“I get dehydrated very quickly. I personally find at day five or day six very tough, You can’t be a martyr to your body, that really isn’t on. God doesn’t want you to hurt yourself.

“So I might take a day off and just spend the day drinking lots of water.”

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