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How to educate others?

SHAFAQNA – The rule of wisdom is so important and fundamental which without it; no one can act on Divine Rites, let alone to educate others. Because forgiving a person who has done bad deed to us is only possible by controlling anger. Turning away from ignorant person is also possible by controlling inordinate desire and anger. By sudden outburst of anger which corresponds to revenge and confrontation; establishment of Divine Association in community relations cannot happen, let alone a person wishing to use animal powers to educate and improve others in community relations. Therefore, educating others with anger and angry deeds is not possible [1].

[1] Bar Resiye Hokomat-e-Aql dar Masa’ele tarbiyati, Ayatollah Sheikh Mojtaba Tehrani (RA), Mahnameye Pasdar-e-Islam, No. 433, Page 4.

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