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How to fast all your life?

SHAFAQNA- On p. 258, Vol. 1, of ‘Ilal al-Sharai’, and also on p. 92, Vol. 94, of Bihar al-Anwar, Imam Reza (A.S) was asked why an optional fast is recommended for the entire year. And he answered by saying that it served to complement obligatory fast. Then he was asked: “Why is there an optional fast for one day out of each ten days?” He (A.S) said: “It is so because Allah, the Praised and Exalted one, says:
Whoever does a good deed will be rewarded ten-fold
[Surat al-An’am, verse 16]
Therefore, one who fasts one day in each ten days will be regarded (according to this verse) as though he had fasted the whole time.”
Salman al-Farsi, May Allah be pleased with him, used to say: “Fasting three [non-consecutive] days a month equals fasting the whole time. So, if one can find anything beyond that, let him fast it!”
Imam Ja’fer al-Sadiq (A.S) was asked why a Thursday of the first tenth days is to be fasted, a Thursday of the last, and a Wednesday in-between are the designated days for such fast, and his answer was:
“The deeds of each servant of Allah are displayed before Allah on each Thursday. Therefore, He wished that it should be done while such servant is observing a fast.
“Why another Thursday’s fast at the end of the month, then?” the Imam (A.S) was asked.
“It is so because if his deeds for eight days are displayed while he is fasting are more honorable for him and better than if he is not fasting. The reason for choosing a Wednesday in the second (middle) ten days of the month, according to Imam al-Sadiq (A.S), is due to the fact that Allah, the most Honored, the most Sublime, created hell on that day; it was on it that He annihilated the early generations; it is a day of continuous bad omen; so, He wished that His servants should shun such a bad omen by fasting that day.”

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