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How to find the right path?

SHAFAQNA – In a Divine Hadith (narration), Allah (SWT) revealed to Prophet Dawood (AS): O’ Dawood, I (God) placed five things in another five things, but people look for them in five other things and they cannot find them.

  1. I placed knowledge in hunger and endeavour, but people look for it in being full up and being in comfort.
  2. I placed self-dignity in obeying God, but people search for it by serving the rulers and cannot find it.
  3. I placed independence (not needing others) in contentment, but people look for it by gathering a lot of wealth and cannot find it.
  4. I placed My (God’s) satisfaction in anger towards corrupt soul, but people seek it by being satisfied with the corrupt soul.
  5. I placed comfort in paradise, but people look for it in this world, and cannot find it [1].

[1] Beharul Anwaar, Vol. 75, Page 453.

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