How to get close to God?

SHAFAQNA – A person told the late Grand Ayatollah Bahjat: I decided to get close to God, please guide me. The Grand Ayatollah replied: Allocate a time during the 24 hours to religious sciences and put into practice the knowledge (gained) and do not trample the knowledge under foot; that is enough. It is narrated from Imam Sadeq (AS) who said: The one who puts into practice his knowledge, God will grant that person the knowledge of things he does not know [1].

Ayah 69 of Surah Ankabut says: “Those who strive in God’s way, God will certainly guide them to Divine Paths; Verily, Allah (SWT) is with those who do right.” The late Ayatollah added: If you see, it did not happen (you feel you cannot get close to God), know that, you have not acted upon your knowledge [2].

[1] Alkhra’ej walhara’ej, Vol. 3, page 1058.
[2] Nashrieh Moballeqan, Numner 114, Page 41.

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