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How to Pray for the Appearance of Our Imam al-Zaman (a.s.) on Ramadan Nights: Delicacies of Prayer in the Dua al-Iftitah (Part 3)

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SHAFAQNA – In a part of the invocation of al-Iftitah which is recommended to be recited every night of the blessed month of Ramadan, we are encouraged to pray for the safety, appearance, and success of our Imam al-Zaman (a.s.), dreaming our life in his world and his helping our religion:


اللهم وصلي على وليّ امرك القائم المؤمل

والعدل المنتظر وحُفه بملائكتك المقربين

وأيده بروح القدس يا رب العالمين

اللهم اجعله الداعي إلى كتابك والقائم بدينك

استخلفه في الأرض كما استخلفت الذين من قبله

مكِن له دينه الذي ارتضيته

ابدله من بعد خوفه امناً يعبدك لا يُشرك بك شيئاً

اللهم اعزه واعزز به وانصره وانتصر به

وانصره نصراً وافتح له فتحاً يسيراً

واجعل له من لدنك سلطاناً نصيراً

اللهم اظهر به دينك وسُنة نبيّك

حتى لا يستخفى بشي من الحق مخافة احد من الخلق

اللهم إنا نرغب إليك في دولة كريمة

تُعز بها الإسلام واهله وتُذل بها النفاق واهله

وتجعلنا فيها من الدعاة إلى طاعتك

والقادة إلى سبيلك

وترزقنا بها كرامة الدنيا والأخرة

O Allah and send blessings on the guardian of Your orders

the one who will rise

the one hoped for, the awaited justice.

Surround him with Your favourite angels

and assist him with the holy spirit

O Lord of the worlds.

O Allah, appoint him to invite towards Your book

to establish Your religion

make him the successor on the earth

as You caused others to succeed before him

establish for him his religion which You have approved for him

give him security after fear

(so) he worships You and does not associate any with You.

O Allah, give him power and through him strengthen (others)

help him and help (others) through him

help him with a mighty help

give him an easy victory

and grant him an assisting authority from You.

O Allah, make manifest through him Your religion

and the way of Your Prophet

until nothing from the truth remains hidden

from any human being.

O Allah, we earnestly desire from You

an honored state

through which You strengthen Islam and its people

and degrade hypocrisy and its followers.

And make us in it

amongst the inviters towards Your obedience

and the leaders to Your path

give us through it

honor of the world and the Hereafter.


اللهم ما عرفتنا من الحق فحملناه

وما قصرنا عنه فبلغناه

اللهم اللمم به شعثنا واشعب به صدعنا

وارتُق به فتقنا وكثر به قلتنا

واعزز به ذلتنا واغن به عائلنا

واقض به عن مغرمنا واجبر به فقرنا

وسُد به خلتنا ويسّر به عُسرنا

وبيض به وجوهنا وفُك به اسرنا

وانجح به طلبتنا وانجز به مواعيدنا

واستجب به دعوتنا واعطنا به سؤلنا

وبلغنا به من الدنيا والأخرة امالنا

واعطنا به فوق رغبتنا

يا خير المسؤولين واوسع المُعطين

اشف به صُدورنا واذهب به غيظ قلوبنا

واهدنا به لِما اختلف فيه من الحق

بإذنك إنك تهدي من تشاء إلى صراط مستقيم

وانصرنا به على عدوك وعدونا

إله الحق أمين

O Allah, what You have made known to us of the truth

help us bear it

and what we fall short

make us reach it.

O Allah, through him

put order in our affairs

gather and unite our flocks

join together our separations

increase our minority

lift us from degradation

relieve our miseries

pull us out of our debts

remove our poverty

fill the gaps in our confusion

ease our difficulties

brighten our faces

free our prisoners

grant our requests

fulfil our promises

answer our calls

grant us our requests

cause us to obtain what we hope for

from this world and the hereafter

and give us more than our expectations.

O the best of all who are asked

and the most generous of bestowers

through him, cleanse our chests

remove the stains of anger and hatred from our hearts

and guide us to the truth on disputed matters

By Your permission

Surely You guide whom You wish to the right path

through him help us to overcome Your enemy

and our enemy

O God of truth, Ameen.


اللهم إنا نشكوا إليك فقد نبيّنا صلواتك عليه وأله

وغيبة وليّنا وكثرة عدوّنا

وقلة عددنا وشدة الفِتن بنا

وتظاهر الزمان علينا

فصل على محمد وأله

واعنا على ذلك بفتح منك تُعجله

وبضُر تكشفه ونصر تُعزه وسُلطان حق تُظهره

ورحمة منك تُجللناها وعافية منك تُلبسناها

برحمتك يا ارحم الراحمين

O Allah, we complain to You

of the absence of our Prophet

Your blessings be on him and his family,

the concealment of our leader

the abundance of our enemies

the scarcity of our numbers

the severity of our trials

and the victory of the era against us.

So bless Muhammad and his family

and help us overcome that by,

granting us an immediate victory

dispersing miseries

giving us a help that strengthens

providing an authority of truth which You manifest

a mercy from You which is clear to us

and a well­being from You which clothes us

by Your mercy O most merciful.


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