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How to purify soul?

SHAFAQNA – Imam Reza/Ridha (AS) told Abdul Adheem Hassani: O’ Abdul Adheem, send my regards to my friends and recommend to them: Tell the truth, and be trustworthy, be silent and avoid useless arguments, visit each other. Do not get involve in tearing each other apart [1]. A man asked Imam Jawad (AS) for advice, and Imam (AS) asked him: Do you accept it? That man replied: Yes. Imam (AS) said: Make patience your pillow, embrace poverty, leave over enjoyments, oppose desires, and beware that you are never out of God’s protection, and then see in what situation you are [2]?

[1] Al-Ikhtisas, Page 247.

[2] Tohaful Oqool, Page 455.

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