How to tackle jealousy?

SHAFAQNA – In a narration from Imam Sadeq (AS), has been mentioned that jealousy is mixed with the blood and flesh of the human being [1]; which may be referring to the point that envy is a characteristic. The Islamic scholar, Martyr Mortaza Motahhari wrote: When a jealous person sees a benefit in others, all his/her wish is to take it away from them. A normal human being wants to be ahead of others which is okay but a person who plans for others to lag behind (to fail) is ill [2].

Therefore, it is true that human being can suffer from the illness of jealousy. The holy Quran in Ayahs 9 and 10 of Surah Al-Shams say: “Anyone who purifies his/her own soul will prosper; whilst whoever neglects to do so (making soul impure with sins) will be disappointed and deprived.” Hence, the first Quranic plan is for refining and purifying the soul, cleansing the soul from illnesses, complexes, worries and deviations.

[1] Beharul Anwaar, Vol. 70, page 253.

[2] Insaan-e-Kaamel by Mortaza Motahhari, Pages 26-29.

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