HTC Camera To Sport A 16MP Sensor And A 170-Degree Super Wide Angle Lens

SHAFAQNA – We’ve been hearing about an HTC camera device for quite some time now. This will allegedly be some sort of GoPro competitor or at least something that has a similar purpose. We’ve seen a leaked image which allegedly shows HTC’s new product yesterday. This device is supposed to launch on October 8th in New York, if reports are correct and we believe they are considering basically everyone agrees when it comes to the launch date. We didn’t hear anything about the hardware specs of this thing, until now that is.

According to EPrice, a Taiwanese publication which is usually spot on when it comes to HTC’s dealings, HTC camera will sport a 16-megapixel sensor and a 170-degree Super Wide Angle Lens. Underwater shooting capabilities and slow motion video recording will reportedly also be a part of the package. For comparison’s sake, the best GoPro camera (Hero3) features a 12-megapixel sensor and has a 179-degree wide angle lens. GoPro seems to be preparing a Hero3’s successor though, it will be interesting to see what performance will the two offer and compare them of course.

It is no secret HTC has had financial difficulties for some time now despite the fact they make truly great devices. HTC is just unable to sell as many devices as they need, there could be tons of reasons for this, marketing might be just one of them. Either way, it seems like HTC is looking for other sources of income because of weak smartphone sales. They seem ready to enter the health-tech and action cam markets and it is still unknown wheth

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