Hujjat ul Islam Syed Mehmood Majd Preaching should be based on reliable and credible source

SHAFAQNA – Hujjat ul Islam Syed Mehmood Majd, the principal of Hazrat Baqir ul Uloom religious seminary, while conversing with the reporter of Shabestan, said that real responsibility of religious seminaries is to understand the depth of Islamic implications and then preach them. He said that promotion of virtues and prevention of vices is an important order of Allah (SWT) and infallible Imam (A.S) said that if this duty if compared with other religious obligation is similar to a river compared with a water drop.

He, while declaring the role of students for the promotion of religious implications in the society as very important, said that religious clerics and students should promote religious teachings between people by using reliable and credible source.

He added that enemies are fully trying to create different misconceptions by their poisonous propaganda. Therefore, youngsters of this period cannot be made attracted towards religion by traditional ways of preaching.

He, while expressing regret over current situation, said that Christian preachers use modern ways of preaching but our preachers do not bother to visit other cities for the preaching of Islamic culture.

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