Humanitarian and health crisis in Israel’s Etzion detention center

Israel detention center

SHAFAQNA – National Commission for Prisoners and Ex-Prisoners warned on Friday that the prisoners in Etzion detention center are experiencing humanitarian and health crisis as a result of the policy of deliberate neglect practiced by the Israeli jailors against them.

The commission said in a press statement that the practices carried out by Israeli soldiers against prisoners fall as part of a systematic plan with direct instructions from the vindictive General Security Service “Shin Bet”.

The commission quoted a prisoner in Etzion as saying that they are exposed to the “worst humanitarian crimes”, and their daily life is painful and difficult. He added that they are provided with “not well-cooked food full of worms and insects, the rooms are filthy and dirty, and the necessary cleaning materials are not provided which creates a suitable environment for the spread of infectious and serious diseases”.

The commission explained that there is a great shortage in blankets, clothes, and towels although it is extremely cold in the rooms where rainwater accumulate inside them. Nothing is provided for prisoners by the detention center management, it said, adding that the management does not look into their complaints and demands.

The commission called on the Red Cross and all human rights institutions to immediately inspect the Etzion center in order to put an end to the crimes committed against the prisoners, and to put pressure on the Israeli occupation authorities to provide everything they need.

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