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Human’s wisdom is a light

SHAFAQNA (Shia International News Association) – Ayahs 7-10 of Surah Al-Shams mention that whoever encounters his/her wisdom with sins and debauchery will bury and conceal his/her own wisdom. According to Islamic teachings, human’s wisdom is like a light. A human being can find the right and wrong ways with this light and then decide which one to take. But according to the holy Quran, if human’s wisdom is captured by carnal desires and debaucheries then this wisdom will be buried and the light will go off and a person is not able to find the way.

Therefore, wisdom is a good and suitable light to show the way but selecting the right way or the wrong one depends on the person. The prophets of God are guides, sent to inform human beings about the good and the bad, about what is right and what is wrong. As Imam Ali (AS) said: The prophets will unearth the buried wisdoms which are buried under sins and debauchery. According to the Quranic teachings, Allah (SWT) is the Legislator and the wisdom will show the ways but the prophets as those who know the divine laws, show which way will lead you to the destination and which ways will take you to adversity and destruction, the choice is yours.

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