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Hundreds rally in besieged Gaza over Trump’s cut of funding to UNRWA

SHAFAQNA – Hundreds of Palestinians took to the streets in the blockaded Gaza Strip after the U.S. administration decided to suspend millions of dollars in aid for the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA).

Activists and civil society representatives rallied in al-Nuseirat camp near UNRWA’s distribution center to protest the recent U.S. move.

The rally-goers strongly condemned Trump’s “non-humanitarian action”, which they said came following his recent recognition of Al-quds (Jerusalem) as the capital of the self-proclaimed Israeli state.

Faten Atawna, from the Popular Refugee Committee, said cutting funds for Palestinian refugees makes part of an attempt to leave Palestinians starving.A Gazan lady who joined the rally said: “The move will seriously affect our refugee community, especially in light of the extreme poverty and unemployment rocking our besieged enclave.”

“My 14-member family entirely hinges on UNRWA aids for survival. We have neither money nor alternative sources of income,” she added.

Khaled al-Saraj, from the Popular Refugee Committees in al-Nuseirat camp, called for stepping up protest moves over Trump’s decision, which he said seeks to “twist Palestinians’ arm and force them to resume peace talks.”

“Such an act of blackmailing has been on Israel’s agenda for so long,” he said. Another protester—Shahda Abu Mkheimar—said that the protests will sweep all UNRWA offices and that the Palestinian refugee community will not remain mum over ongoing attempts to infringe their legitimate rights.

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