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I Feel Calmness at Razavi Holy Shrine: American Shiite Cardiologist

SHAFAQNA- American cardiologist said, “In the today blatant world, finding peace and calmness is a very difficult job, but the mankind feels calmness, at this holy place”.

Cardiologist, Dr. Arshad Ghayumi said, “If you sit in a corner at the Razavi Shrine and watch the tile and mirror works only, you will not become bored at all”.

He reiterated, “All the world existing traditional arts can be seen in a single place and in an integrated form and the Razavi Holy Shrine is the only place in the world which has gathered all these elegant arts alongside each other”.

This American Shiite Physician emphasized, “The applied arts in each portico and courtyard are different from those in others and this issue prevents the pilgrims from tiredness”.

Referring to the objects presented to the Razavi Holy Shrine’s museums by the public, Dr. Ghayumi said, “This kind of donation of ancient objects and antiques by the people can be seen nowhere in the world. Also, this action shows the sincere love of these people toward the purified Imams (A.S.) and also their heart-driven trust in officials and servants of Imam Reza (A.S.) Holy Shrine”.

It should be mentioned that Dr. Arshad Ghayumi is the chief and founder of the US Association of Shiite Physicians; the first center of which was established twenty three years ago on the birth anniversary of Imam Reza (A.S.).

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