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I Found My Happiness in Islam



An Exclusive Interview of a Revert to Islam, Lisa from Belgium, by Zahra Salehi

Lisa, 20 years old, was born in Belgium in an atheist household. She felt lonely and depressed for a period of time. She got to know about Islam through a friend. Then she started reading the Holy Quran and some Islamic books. She said her Shahadah on the 21st of September this year in a Mosque in Antwerp, Belgium.

Sister Lisa! Rahyafte Team (related to Edoardo Agnelli Islamic Association) appreciates you for agreeing to hold an interview and also for the time you allocated to us. Please introduce yourself. Tell us about yourself, your background, field of study, degrees, etc. And anything you wish to share.

I’m Lisa, I’m 20 years old. I live in Belgium. I work as a pharmacist assistant in a hospital. I grew up as an atheist. I have one elder brother. He is 23 years old. My parents both work behind a desk. And when I converted to Islam and started wearing a hijab, my family didn’t accept me anymore.

If possible, let’s talk a little about your reasons for accepting Islam. What happened that you’ve chosen to convert to Islam?
I was born as an atheist and in january this year I was depressed and started partying a lot and spending a lot of money and just going to the wrong path. Then I met a boy named “Soulaimane” through a mutual friend and he taught me a lot about Islam. And I just thought that it was such a beautiful religion. And then I bought the Quran and read a lot of books about Islam and then I wanted to convert to Islam.

Is Soulaimane a revert too? Where does he come from?
He is a bron Muslim. He is born in Belgium but his origins are from Morocco.

When did you say your Shahadah and where?
I said my Shahadah on the 21st of September this year and I did it in a Mosque in Antwerp, Belgium.

Which attractive part of Islam made you to change?
Just that Islam is good for you. It keeps you away from bad things. And the mentality of Islam is what I really like. That husbands should treat their women right and that children should really respect their parents. It’s such a beautiful and big religion which inspires people including me to do good for other people and help those in need and just be a better person. Everything about Islam changed the way I see life and how I think and act.

When you returned to Islam how was its effect on your family?
When I converted they accepted me. But when I started wearing hijab, they didn’t accept me anymore.

Did the people around you cut the relationship with you after converting to Islam?
Yes people did leave me (mostly friends) and then my brother and grandparents cut me off because of my hijab.

How did you feel the first time you wore hijab?
Good. It felt right. I felt really confident and comfortable.

Has wearing hijab limited any activities of your normal life?
And yes you can’t just go outside very quick. I can’t go to the gym and stuff like that but I wouldn’t change my decision for anything.


My Allah make it easy for you and place happiness in your heart.

What was your feeling when you prayed for the first time? Wasn’t it hard for you to pray 5 times a day?
When I prayed the first time it felt like a relief. I almost started crying. And yes, it is hard because I don’t know everything about praying. I’m still learning.


What do you think about the reasons behind some efforts to promote atheism in the world and what is your advice to those who are hesitant between belief and disbelief?
People who promote atheism are just stubborn and being played by the Shaytaan. I think people who promote atheism want to control others. And if people are doubting whether to believe or not. I think that it’s pretty obvious that there is a God. Like how can the world be so pretty without having a Creator like look around, the sun, the flower, the sky, the trees, and just the humans in general like we are so complex it’s not possible that it comes from nothing. We definitely have a Creator, Allah (SWT). Life is so beautiful with all these blessings. Some people just don’t want to see it I think.


If you want to say some words about the beauty of Islam, the peace, the calmness you have found in this religion what do you say?
Converting to Islam made me a better person. I try to see the good in everything and everyone. And just because some people may do bad things doesn’t make them a bad person and I always try to be a good person even when people treat me wrong. It really helped me. I got some peace in my heart and I feel free because I have no grudges against other people.


Are you happy with your decision of reverting to Islam today?
It was the best decision ever. The day I said my Shahadah was the most beautiful day of my life yet. I’m very happy. I know it’s the right path and it has made my life so much better and I found my happiness in Islam.


Alhamdulillah. May Allah keep you firm in His religion.
How was the effect of reading the Holy Quran on you? How did the Holy Quran Influence you?
I find it very difficult to read the Quran (difficult words).


Is there anything else you would like to add on?
I would recommend anyone to read about Islam because it is such a peaceful and beautiful religion. It truly makes you a better person!


May Allah help all the Muslims in the world and May Allah hasten the reappearance of Imam Zaman (atfs) to help bring peace and justice to the world. And May we use our potential to help Islam and promote the true beauty of our religion.

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