Iblis cried when Ayah 33 of Surah Al-Anfal was revealed

SHAFAQNA – When Ayah 33 of Surah Al-Anfal was revealed, saying: “Those who when they do wrong, they remember God and ask for forgiveness for their sins”; Iblis went on top of a mountain in Mecca and howled and gathered the heads of Satanic army. They asked: O’ our master, what has happened that you called us? Iblis replied: This Ayah was revealed which shook my back and is the cause of salvation for the human being. Now which one of you can defy it? Some of the Satans described their plans, but Iblis was not satisfied with them. Then, another one called “Waswas Khannas” stood up and said: I can do it. They asked, how? Waswas Khannas replied: I will amuse them with promises and desires until they commit sins, and when they sinned, I will make them to forget about repentance. Iblis said: Your plan is very crafty, and this duty is given to you until the Day of Judgment [1].

[1] Al-Mizan, Vol. 4, Page 36.

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