Ibn Shahr Aashub (Qutbuddin Rawandi)


SHAFAQNA- Abu Jafar Muhammad bin Ali bin Shahr Aashub bin Ali Nasr bin Abul Jaush Mazandirani, nicknamed Rashid al-Din and Azzedine (1096-1192 A.D. / 489-588 A.H.) was a well-Known Shi’ite exegetist, traditionist, scholar and jurist, It is said that he and his father were the inhabitants of Sari and is confirmed that he belonged to Mazandiran but it is not sure whether he was born in Sari. He pursued education since his childhood and at the age of 8 years he memorized the whole Quran.
Ibn Shahr Aashub attended the classes of very famous scholars like Ahmad Ghazzali, Jarallah Zamikhshari, Abu Ali Tabarsi, Abul Hasan Baihaqi, Fareed Khurasani, Khatib Khwarizmi, Qutbuddin Rawandi, The famous students and transmitters of Ibn Shahr Aashub were Ibn Idris Hilli, Ibn Batriq Hilli, Ibn Abi Ta’i Halabi and Ibn Zuhrah Halabi. His works manifest his expertise in the fields of Quranic sciences, traditions and Rijal. Ibn Shahr Aashub was also a poet of great repute.
He passed away in Aleppo and was buried in Jabal al-Jowshan near the place famous as Mashhad al-Husain (A.S.). But Affandi wrongly states that he passed away in “Mashhad Ganj Afroz” near the Barfuroosh village (Babul) and his grave is the pilgrimage center of the people.

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