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Ibrahim al-Jafari: Shia Supreme Religious Authority is strong fortress of Iraq

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SHAFAQNA- Referring to the paternal role of Supreme Religious Authority (Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Sistani) in maintaining the integrity and unity of people, Iraqi Foreign Minister Ibrahim al-Jafari, in an exclusive interview with Shafaqna News Agency in Lebanon, said that Iraqi people made a global victory which is the victory of all the good will in the world.
He stressed that no country in the region could be isolated from other countries, and that nations should be informed about the plight of the region and the importance of protecting its security.
Al-Jafari said that “Middle East region is now turning to the intersection of various wills from abroad, and some are always struggling to thwart the equations by throwing lava on them, and turn coordination, wealth, the place of thought and civilization into an inflamed state of chaos and conflict.”
The Iraqi Foreign Minister emphasized that this is impossible to isolate this country or other countries of the region, stating that during his visit to Syria and meeting with its authorities, he acknowledged that they are politically moderate and peaceful, and have a positive outlook.
Al-Jafari also spoke highly of the meeting with Lebanon President Michel Aoun, and announced that he will continue his talks with the authorities in the coming days.
Concerning his trip to Syria and Lebanon, the Iraqi Foreign Minister stated “First and foremost, my goal is to strengthen the relations with neighboring countries, and everyone understands the importance of these countries and their capabilities. It is the responsibility of the nations to defend the wealth, protect the entity, build the future and prevent collapse.”
He also stressed the current challenges facing his country: “After each war, we witness reconstruction, construction, reconciliation and the establishment of peace-loving armies, and usually when the war ends, the communities and the witnessed countries face many problems. The war has cost a lot of money and weapons, and a lot of martyrs and great destruction, and in particular, people are aware of the extent to which the sabotage of terrorism and ISIS and the damage done to Iraqis is well understood”.
Al-Jafari told Shafaqna, Iraqis maintained their unity and resist against ISIS terrorist group with their common word and position.
Referring to the paternal role of Shia authority through continuous activity to maintain solidarity and unity among Iraqi citizens, the foreign minister emphasized that religious authority has always been the stronghold of his country.
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