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ICJ vote for Iran, a precondition of Negotiation with US

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SHAFAQNA– In a victory for Tehran against Washington, UN top court ruled that US must remove sanctions with humanitarian impacts on Iran.

According to Reza Nasri, there would be numerous opportunities for Iran’s public diplomacy and Foreign affairs, if International Court of Justice (ICJ) vote for Iran.

“In this regard, Tehran should use its initiative”, Lawyer of Geneva Institute of International Studies told Isna.

Speaking about the Court’s ruling on Wednesday regarding the July lawsuit brought by Tehran against Washington, Nasri noted that if ICJ vote for Iran, that is depend on Tehran’s use of this valuable legal document, in other words, Iran should use its initiative to gain benefits. For instance Iran can use it as precondition of negotiation with US. This means that Iran would negotiate with US, if it accept ICJ order and prove to be a supporter of International law.

“Iran can give US an opportunity to change its decision on re-imposing sanctions. Furthermore, Iran can consult with EU and other European countries to change US decision. In other words the order gain supports for Iran”, he continued.

In a victory for Tehran against Washington on Wednesday, the UN’s top tribunal unanimously ruled to halt the unilateral sanctions violating the terms of the 1955 Treaty of Amity between Iran and the US.

Iran Foreign Minister, Mohammad Javad Zarif tweeted in this regard: “UN top court rules that US must comply with obligations violated by re-imposing sanctions on Iranian people when exiting JCPOA. Another failure for sanctions-addicted USG and victory for rule of law. Imperative for int’l community to collectively counter malign US unilateralism”.

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