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ICSRF calls on Manama to allow Bahraini detainee access to medical care



SHAFAQNA – The International Center for Supporting Rights and Freedoms (ICSRF) called on the Bahraini monarch to immediately address Mohammed Al Ajami’s deteriorating health condition.
Al Ajami was among hundreds of protesters arrested during May’s bloody raid on Bahrain’s northwestern village of Diraz, which left five people dead.

Following his arrest, Al Ajami was subjected to sever torture and suffered serious injuries to his eye. He was reportedly blindfolded for the duration of his 42-day long interrogation before being transferred to Jaw Prison on July 3.

He was finally taken to the prison clinic after his family filed numerous requests for treatment.

However, Al Ajami was informed that the medication he requires was unavailable at the detention facility.

The ICSRF is concerned about Al Ajami’s deteriorating health, warning that he may lose his sight unless he receives urgent treatment.

The group also urged other international humanitarian organizations to call on Manama to allow political prisoners access to proper medical care.


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