If you were a Pakistani, then certainly you could vote in Bahrain!!!

SHAFAQNA – These days Bahrain- a tiny Persian Gulf Arab Kingdom- is heading for a Parliamentary election amid widespread international and domestic calls to boycott the “sham” election. The vast majority of Bahrainis consider al-Khalifa orchestrated-elections as a way to enhance Bahraini despotic regime’s shrinking legitimacy and international stature.

In Mid-February 2011, a democratic and peaceful upraising erupted in Bahrain which is widely believed to be inspired by similar democratic movements in other Arab countries demanding governments to improve their citizen’s universal rights. However, the Bahraini regime used brutal force to crackdown on peaceful pro-democracy activists and when it failed to suppress the Arab nation’s surging revolution, the Bahraini regime –which is run by a single family, virtually like middle ages—asked for help from neighboring Saudi Arabia   to quell the popular uprising.

And exactly like the Nazi Germany, in the early morning hours of March 14, 2011, tens of thousands of Saudi forces poured into Bahrain and invaded the Arab nation.

According to many international Human Rights organizations, the infamous al-Khalifa regime has recruited scores of Pakistani expatriates to take part in clampdown on peaceful pro-democracy protesters. The influx of Pakistani and Afghani mercenaries has also increased fears of regime’s attempts to change country’s Shia-majority demographics.

A Pakistani veteran soldier who served in Bahraini riot police told awdnews.com that over the past few years; Bahraini regime has tried to entice Sunni Pakistanis to immigrate and settle in Bahrain and also pledged to grant them the Bahraini citizenship.

Our Pakistani source, who declined to mention his name– fearing from retribution–, added that the Bahraini authorities promised Pakistani expats, if they take part in the upcoming parliamentary and municipality elections they will obtain the Bahraini nationality.

Since 2011, when the Bahraini revolution broke out, a large number of prominent Shiite Bahraini families escaped to neighboring Qatar, fleeing from regime’s oppression and consistent persecution.

source : http://awdnews.com/top-news/10244-if-you-were-a-pakistani,-then-certainly-you-could-vote-in-bahrain.html

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