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IHRC Legal secures immigration victory for destitute Muslim woman

SHAFAQNA – IHRC Legal successfully helped a woman who was denied access to public funds and left destitute while having to raise her children.

The client’s immigration status was regularised as she was granted ‘leave to remain’ by the Home Office. This was after representations were drafted and sent by IHRC Legal. However the status was granted with the condition she would have no access to public funds for herself or her children. This meant that the single mother was even denied help while she looked for a job.

IHRC Legal was then forced to prove the necessity of accessing public funds for this single mother and her family. The application was made for the condition to be removed on the grounds of destitution and the health problems of one of the children.

Despite two of the children being born in the UK, it was an immense struggle to ensure they had access to public funds so that they could survive. After providing extensive proof of the family’s destitute state as well as the ill health of one of the children; IHRC Legal managed to secure the removal of the Home Office’s condition.

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