Imam Ali (AS) a role model for all ages

SHAFAQNA – Imam Ali (AS) does not belong just to the Islamic world but he belongs to the humanity and those who know about him, admire him. Followers of various religions have praised Imam Ali (AS) as a complete human being. On the other hand some have tried to hide any news about his great characters but who can cover the sun? Those known multi-dimensional characteristics of Imam Ali (AS) are really amazing and some unknown aspects of these characteristics cannot be understood by no other human being except infallibles.

Some known characteristics of Imam Ali (AS) like bravery, worship of God, generosity, kindness, compassion, justice, righteousness, piety, etc., these are all really complex and amazing characters even on the surface. Imam Ali (AS) possessed all these noble characteristics, who else can be found like this? And this is not something that just Shia says. Even his enemies have admitted to all his qualities.

Imam Ali (AS) is a proper role model for all ages. The youth of say 10-14 years can see him as their role model because when Imam (AS) was 10-11 years old, he followed the Prophet (PBUH) and accepted Islam. Young people of say 20-25 can choose him as their role model because when Imam (AS) was 23 years old and at the time when the Prophet (PBUH) moved from Mecca to Medina, most important responsibilities were given to Imam Ali (AS) by the Prophet (PBUH).

When the Prophet set up the Islamic government in Medina, Imam Ali (AS) was always the first person next to the Prophet (PBUH). Imam (AS) was always present to defend the Prophet (PBUH) and was always leading figure in all the wars against the enemies of Islam. After the passing away of the Prophet (PBUH) although Khalafa was his right and despite reminding people their duties regarding this point but when he saw that Islam was in danger, he pulled away saying Islam is more important that my governance.

After 25 years and when he was 57 years old, people came to him and insisted and begged him to accept the leadership of Muslims. At first Imam (AS) did not accept but when he saw people from all Islamic territories came to him, he accepted despite all the existing problems. From that time till his head was broken whilst praying in the Mosque by the sword of his enemies, he never gave up demanding the justice and principles of real Islam.

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