Imam Ali (AS) according to Quran and narrations


SHAFAQNA – After the Prophet of Islam (PBUH), Imam Ali (AS) has the highest position in Islam and many of his exalted virtues have been mentioned in the holy verses and narrations, of which some are described below.
Imam Ali (AS) has been described as: “Wali-ullah” (Surah Al-Maedah/Ayah 55); “Abrar” (Al-Insaan/5); “the men of A’araaf” (Al-A’araaf/46); Ahle bait (Al-Ahzab/33); “Moqarraboon” (Waqeah/10-14); “Mojahid fe Sabilullah” (Al-towbah/19); “the protector of the knowledge of the Prophet (PBUH)” (Al-Haaqqah/12); “supporter of the Prophet (PBUH)” (Al-Anfaal/62 & Al-Tahreem/6); “Zel-Qorba” (Al-Anfaal/41 & Al-Asraa/26); “Khairul Bariyyah” (Al-bayyeneh/7); “Sabeqoon” (Al-Towbah/100 & Al-Waqeah/10); “Kalameh Tayyebah & Shajarateh Tayyebah” (Al-Ibrahim/24); “Salehul Momeneen” (Al-Tahreem/4); “Sadeqeen” (Al-Tawbah/119); “Abdullah” (Al-Insaan/6); “Ma’asoom & Motahhar” (Al-Ahzab/33); “Aalemul Ketab” (Al-Ra’ad/43); “Shaahed” (Al-Baqarah 143); etc. The list of Imam’s virtues are much longer than it has been presented here.

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