How did Imam Ali (AS) describe God?

SHAFAQNA – Za’alab Yamani asked Imam Ali (AS): O’ Amir-al-Momeneen (the Commander of the faithful), have you seen your God? Imam Ali (AS) replied: Do I worship a being whom I do not see? Za’alab asked: How do you see God? Imam Ali (AS) replied: Eyes can never see God, but hearts with proper belief can recognize God. Allah (SWT) is close to everything, but not attached to things; is away from everything, but is no stranger to them; is a speaker, not through thinking or thought; is determined, not by desire or wish; is creator/maker, not by hands or legs; is kind and friendly, and that is not secret or hidden; is great not by oppression; can see but not with external senses; is kind, but not touchy; the heads and faces fall down (prostrate) due to God’s greatness; and the hearts are restless due to fearing God [1].

{1] Nahjul Balaghah, Sermon 179.

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