Imam Ali’s (AS) Birth Anniversary to Be Celebrated in Quetta, Pakistan

SHAFAQNA – A three-day program is scheduled to be organized in Quetta, Pakistan to celebrate the birth anniversary of Imam Ali (AS).

Shia Muslims all over the Islamic country are getting ready to celebrate the auspicious occasion on the 13th of Rajab month.

The ceremonies in Quetta will start on April 20. They will be attended by poets and eulogists from Pakistan and other countries.

The Central Razaviya Mosque, Punjabis Husseiniya and Golestan Hall will host the ceremonies after the evening prayers for three nights.

Quran recitation, eulogy recitation and poetry reading in Persian and Urdu will be among the programs of the sessions.

Shia Muslims in Pakistan are estimated to make up some 20 percent of the country’s total population.

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